Lee Jung-hyung, former president of KACC-USA, "Business convention is an opportunity to revive the KACC's potential."
Lee Jung-hyung, former president of KACC-USA, "Business convention is an opportunity to revive the KACC's potential."
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By Lee Jong-hwan

Seoul, June 15 (World Korean News)= UPS is an international carrier based in Atlanta, USA. It is the first company to start the delivery business in a modern sense. It is also a company in charge of transporting Pfizer vaccines in the United States.

"Signed a business agreement with UPS and received a $30,000 donation at The Korean Federation of Commerce and Industry in the Americas. Members of the Korean Chamber of Commerce whom in various parts of the America agreed to benefit from the use."

Lee Jung-hyung, former president of KACC-USA (the Korean American Chamber of Commerce USA), who met at a rib-grilled restaurant in Lakewood, Orange County, introduced it as follows, recalling the time he served as president.

It was Saturday, May 21, that I met President Lee Jung-hyung. He has a company in Long Beach and runs a construction business. He said, "More than 70% of contracts have been made since COVID-19," adding, "It is a business ordered by the non-koreans."

He manages business with the philosophy of "always keeping the construction site personally." He added, "It's a pity that I couldn't participate in the general meeting and board of directors of KACC-USA in Atlanta, Georgia, from May 13 to 15.

Lee Jung-hyung served as the 23rd president of KACC-USA. Although he inherited the baton from Chung Ju-hyun, he suffered a dispute due to some opponents.

"KACC-USA was devided into 2 clans, separately led by Ha Ki-hwan and Nam Moon-ki. Chung Joo-hyun managed to unite with them. But there was still centrifugal force, and some people was constantly cracking. Eventually, two years later after the presidential election, the schism broke out again."

It was worsened by the fact that there were two presidents of KACC-USA. President Lee Jung-hyung was the mainstream and majority at the time, and most local chambers of commerce followed Lee.

After taking office, Lee started to strengthen his organization and went on a tour of the local Chamber of Commerce. At that time, 48 regional chambers of commerce were relatively active in in the United States. Lee Jung-hyung visited local chambers of commerce, from the east and west, all the way to north and south. Everywhere he went, he also delivered a development fund. The money was from Lee's pocket.

KACC-USA has also signed a business agreement with Home Depot. Home Depot has promised a special discount of 5 percent to members of KACC-USA. It was the first MOU Home Depot signed with the ethnic Chamber of Commerce in the United States.

The Korean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) held an meeting in Las Vegas in 2013. Chairman Lee Jeong-hyeong is in the middle of the front row of the photo.
The Korean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) held an meeting in Las Vegas in 2013. Chairman Lee Jeong-hyeong is in the middle of the front row of the photo.

"We also tried to negotiate with American airlines. They also discussed participating in annual World Korean Business Convention with American Airlines (AA) on a chartered plane. I thought American airlines would benefit our members by raising the status."

Eventually, AA's charter flight plan fell through, but Lee Jung-hyung remains hopeful that he will be able to join in the World Korean Business Convention by chartered plane.

During his tenure, President Lee was also responsible for officially registering the KACC-USA in federal government as a non-profit corporation. Registration of non-profit corporations was a backlog of homework, and someone had to do it. After completing the complicated paperwork, it took six months to register as a non-profit corporation.

Finally, the Korean American Chamber of Commerce USA became a recognized organization of the federal government from a voluntary organization.

Lee Jung-hyung also established his own principles for the development of the KACC-USA through disputes at the time. He didn't announce them openly, but he still memorized it.

▲Keep communication with members ▲Let's not brag about the big business ▲Let's not boast about the long business ▲Let's not get invloved in Korean politics ▲Only when children are smarter than their parents will the family prosper. The same goes for organizations ▲ Don't do what the enemy does when they become allies…

Lee said, "The first overseas World Korean Business Convention to be held in Orange County next fall is a great burden for the KACC-USA, but it is a good opportunity to awaken the potential of KACC-USA."

Since the 23rd president Lee Jung-hyung, following the 24th president Kim Chun-sik (LA), the 25th Kang Seung-gu (San Francisco), the 26th Kang Young-ki (Dallas), and the 27th president Kim Sun-yeop (New York) in May last year, the president of the KACC-USA has taken to 28th president Hwang Byung-gu (Orlando, Florida).

Huntington Beach. It runs south from Long Beach.
Huntington Beach. It runs south from Long Beach.

** (This translation was sponsored by Dokko Youngsik, the president of the Midwest Korean American Association.)

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