French Koreans Call for Busan to Host 2030 World Expo
French Koreans Call for Busan to Host 2030 World Expo
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By Lee Seok-ho

Seoul, June 25 (World Korean News)= French Koreans also decided to help the 2030 World Expo be held in Busan, Korea.

The Korean Association of France said that Korean association leaders and executives of Korean language schools (17 schools) gathered at the Korean Embassy in Paris on June 21 and issued a resolution to work together for Busan hosting the 2030 World Expo. Prime Minister Han Duck-soo, Busan Mayor Park Hyung-joon and SK group Chairman Choi Tae-won also attended the event.

South Korea is competing with Saudi Arabia, Italy and Ukraine to host the 2030 World Expo. On June 23, last year, the Korean government submitted an application to the secretariat of the Bureau International des Expositions(BIE), which organizes the World Exposition. Russia also submitted an application at this time, but it collected the application in May.

The Expo, commonly called the Economic and Cultural Olympics, is held every five years. The Dubai Expo was held in 2020, and the Osaka Expo is scheduled to be held in 2025.

Prime Minister Han Duck-soo attended the 170th BIE General Assembly held in Paris on June 21 and gave a presentation to host the 2030 Busan World Expo. There are 169 BIE members. Experts see South Korea and Saudi Arabia as the strongest contenders for the 2030 Expo.

** (This translation was sponsored by Dokko Youngsik, the president of the Midwest Korean American Association.)

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