72nd Korean War Memorial Service in Louisiana
72nd Korean War Memorial Service in Louisiana
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By Choi Byung-cheon

Seoul, June 29 (World Korean News)= The '72nd Korean War Memorial Service' was held in a grand manner on June 26 at the New Orleans Veterans Hall in Louisiana, with more than 200 veterans and their families participating.

Lee Ki-hyun, Former President of Louisiana Korean Association, Myong Chong

19th President of FEMSKA(The federation of mid- south Korean Associations) Collabrated event in Louisiana. Korean American leaders, including Cho Kyu-sik, Park Myung-guk, Park In-sook, Kim Gyeok, Lee Hae-kwon, Bae Byung-ok, Choi Sung-bok, Bae Hak-bae and Park Yo-han, also attended the event.

The event has been held by Sun Kim, the wife of Lee Ki-hyun, for 15 years. Myong Chong, President of FEMSKA stressed in a congratulatory speech, "The Korean War is a war in which young Americans have sacrificed their lives to win for liberal democracy." Veterans even wiped tears as they recalled the Korean War 72 years ago.

Myong Chong presented Sun Kim, who has served Louisiana veterans by hosting the event for 15 years, a ‘Peace Medal’ that was melted bullets and fences from DMZ in 38th Parallel from the korean war in 1950

The event also featured wind instruments performances by the Marine Corps. Local Korean language school Students sang the national anthem. After the event, dinner was served to Korean War veterans and their families.

Chung Myung-hoon, President of FEMSKA (left) and Seon Kim, who has held the Korean War Memorial Ceremony in New Orleans for 15 years

**(This translation was sponsored by Oh Won-Seong, former chairman of the Korean Association of Dallas.)

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