[Oh, Korea-⑱] Yong Kim, a Global Korean
[Oh, Korea-⑱] Yong Kim, a Global Korean
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By Jeongnam Kim
(Former Senior Presidential Secretary for Education·Culture·Society, World Korean News advisor)

2012 On April 16, Yong Kim, the former president of Dartmouth University in the United States was elected as the 12th president of the World Bank, and he served his 5-year term from July 16. With the election of this 2nd generation Korean-American to the post, Koreans fill the presidential offices of the two of the three important big international organizations, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund.

Earlier, the late Lee Jong-wook, the former Secretary General of the World Health Organization was posthumously praised as a small giant of the United Nations for his various activities, and he was followed by the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Yong Kim said in a meeting of the Korean people, "Our parents came to the United States and made a big sacrifice. We are greatly indebted to them for our well being and to be able to study hard, Our 1.5 generation has responsibility to make success in order to return this benefaction, and at the same time seriously think how we could make a contribution for the sake of this world."

Our 1.5 generation has the merit of understanding both the east and west culture and therefore has the deeper world vision and wider space of thinking for they don't have a language barrier. different from their parents, The activities of the 1.5 generation are very outstanding even alone in the United States.

For example, Sung Kim, the first Korean-American ambassador of the United States to Korea, Jong-hoon Kim, the president of Bell Research Center, the youngest and the first one scouted from outside; Ji-young Seok, a tenured professor of the Harvard Law School; Doori Jung, who designed the dress worn by First Lady Michelle Obama at the state dinner held in commemoration of the Korea-US Summit Meeting last year; Dr. Peter Lee, the wound specialist who saved the life of the former Congress woman Gabriel Giffers who was shot by an firearm; and Mr. Mark Keam, the first Korean-American delegate ever elected in four hundred years of history of the State of Virginia House of Delegates, and so forth.

This brilliant phenomenon is not limited to the United States alone. Now is the age of global Koreans. Looking at these global Koreans, I foresee the opening of the great Korean nation's era in which the Korean people armed with the philosophy of Hong-in Ingan, or Humanism based on which the Korean nation was born, will made a brilliant contribution to the world peace and the advancement of Humanity. In the past, the Korean people who advanced overseas looked to their fatherland with an sense of anguish in their heart, whereas now they look to the world with their heart in their heart.

The number of global Koreans working so prominently in the five oceans and six continents is ever increasing daily. Yong Kim, who came on a visit on last April 2 before his election to the presidency of the World Bank showed his pride as a global Korean, saying: "I feel pride for my Korean root."

The Korean advancement to the international organization ought to be expanded continuously. The number of Koreans who made to the inroads to international organizations was increased from 139 in 1999 to 290 in 2011, but in comparison of our expenditure contribution rate of 2.26 percent, our employment rate is less than 0.26 percent.

The more we have global Koreans, the faster our age of Hong-ik In-gan will be realized. Shown before our eyes is the day when as Baikbom foresaw "our people will make appearance on the world stage as protagonists."

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